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A Week in the Life of “Lockdown”

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Well, here we are, prisoners in our own home, apparently to save our lives. So far, my husband and I have survived. It is now Easter week and my husband and I should be in Bavaria, Germany having a fabulous time with friends. Like all, holidays are banned until further notice.

We are going to use this Easter week productively and hopefully we will not feel too upset at not travelling. For some time now we have wanted to clear one of the cupboards in the eaves of our home which we use for storage but over the years it has become a dumping ground for anything which isn’t going to be used soon – luggage and bags, handbags, occasion hats, holiday stuff, extra duvets, pillows, etc etc.

Today is The Day – Good Friday – to make a start. We gingerly opened the door to the eaves cupboard and took a deep breath as we peeped in to see what we would be faced with. Cripes! What is in there?? Anyway, we started by dragging out three ottomans out in order to get to the luggage and bags.

Our daughter said that “it looked like Heathrow Airport’s lost luggage”! (Cheek!) Firstly we decided on which, if any, of the stuff we were keeping. We then packed one trolley case and one holdall into one suitcase, and then the suitcase was put into a large clear plastic bag and tied with a cable tie to keep everything clean and so hopefully no vermin or crawlies could enter. We now have a few holdalls put aside to recycle. Amazing!

We then continued on the next task – the bedding. How much bedding do we need? Not only did we find 5 new double flannelette sheets (really??), but also new sheets, mattress covers, duvet covers, together with the extra duvets and pillows.

Next task – what’s in this ottoman? Summer clothes?? When last were these worn? I haven’t seen these in years! Anything “I think I may still wear that” or “it still fits”, was kept; anything else, stored for recycling.

Another ottoman had yet more summer clothes and underwear and swimsuits for holidays and jumpers! That all took two days for me to go through so I needed a day off to recuperate! I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I’d collected over the years.

Another few days later and another ottoman divided in to two –one side had table linen of all description – every day table cloths, Christmas table cloths and fancy table cloths many with matching napkins, table settings, table runners; the other side had mattress covers and new and used single sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. Anything being kept is now stored in large plastic tubs – and labelled, and the rest is going for recycling.

The next day we discovered a few large bags containing new sheets, new towels and flannels! No doubt “bargains” from shopping expeditions! OMG!!

By this time I was getting a bit fed-up with this tidying and sorting lark so I decided to do some gardening for a couple of days instead. Trouble is, the other stuff was still there to finish and still more to do. Tidying the eaves cupboard did seem like a good idea, at the time. Whose idea was that anyway?

Anyway, next day was back to the job in hand so I collected all my handbags and sorted into sizes and which ones I was keeping and then into colours. I know that I still have too many handbags because I don’t change my handbag often enough and it’s generally when we are going to an occasion or away for an overnight or weekend. Well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon is it?

Next were the “holiday toiletries and stuff”, loads of it! Are you like me, that whenever you stay at a hotel you always come away with the little bottles of hand cream or shower gel? ‘Nough said! I sat on the floor to work through it all and called a friend (via loud-speaker) thus putting the time to good use and it didn’t make it feel too much like a chore. I did the same with the three or four sewing tins and baskets I had, one was the very first sewing basket I had as a teenager! Goodness girl!

We did finally get through the eaves cupboard

and I’m happy to say it’s a huge improvement, as it’s tidy and everything is stored in large plastic tubs with lids and labelled so we can find stuff in an instant – and we can actually walk into the cupboard! Result Having made the clear-out we can also share the excess. We can heave a great breath of relief at our achievement and a good job completed and satisfying.

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s – we have enough. I’m sure if we don’t buy another thing whilst we are alive, we will manage!Seriously though, it’s definitely confirmed that I am clothes, shoes, handbags, hand creams, scarves, etc –hoarder! Is this the beginning of mental health? H-E-L-P!!

From Bernardine’s Lockdown diary

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