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A Note from Janet’s Lockdown diary

Hello to you all.

Now we are all in the tenth or so week of restrictions, how are you all doing?

Anyone really broken out yet? I have done a couple of bank raids to get cash, and am still trying to get a slot in a supermarket delivery system, but so far I am being kept fed by either my very good neighbours, or a distant relative, (a daughter in laws sister, does that make her also a daughter in law?) or at present, owing to a death in the family, my son has come over from the USA and is living with me, having been in isolation for the necessary 14 days, and is now facing the queues at the shops, complete with bandana face covering. I will miss him when he returns in early June, but so far, he has assumed the role of Alpha male within the Waters family, and is doing sterling jobs around the family finishing the work that his brother was unable to complete.

He has even found the dolls house!!! It was in the loft, complete with a garland of cobwebs and dead spiders! These have been removed and will be my project to keep me busy until normal service is resumed outside.

The garden is coming along leaps and bounds and I expect to be picking my first broad beans next week, closely followed by the sugar peas. Is anyone else doing well with the garden? last year was not good for me so I am especially appreciative of the good weather and the crops I am raising.

Sweenie has provided me with some lovely curries, and I am looking forward to receiving from her some more Sri Lankan recipes. Why not let us have a taster for us all to try at home. Please use some easily obtainable ingredients, and brighten up our taste buds!

I made a blouse when I discovered a length of fabric in a storage box, and though I say it as shouldn't, it would be ok in the Sewing Bee programme!

Have any of you made something recently that makes you feel good?Any good books read recently? I am reading the latest Ann Clleves, 'The Long Cry', and so far, it's as gripping as her earlier books of the Shetland and Vera series. Well that's about all for now, so it's over to you all, and do get in touch, we need to hear from you, your likes, dislikes and experiences.


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